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Roofing Response Australia is a specialised metal roofing company, known for delivering excellence in every project. Our solid reputation for high-quality, intricate roofing works has earned the trust of Australia’s leading insurers. With a proven track record of top-notch service and reliability, we are a trusted partner in the industry.

As the go-to experts for challenging roofing projects, our proficiency sets us apart. Clients choose us for reliable and innovative solutions. For particularly demanding endeavors, we seamlessly collaborate with Building Response, leveraging their skills to achieve optimal outcomes.


Our Services:

  • Roof Reports
  • Completed roof Audits
  • Roof Replacements
  • New roofing and Renovations
  • Make Safes
  • Maintenance and repairs

Roof Reports

Our highly experienced team has conducted over 16,000 roof inspections, allowing us to deliver accurate reports for both tile and metal roofing. We can confirm the source of water ingress, document and quantify storm damage, and identify areas needing maintenance. Additionally, we can pinpoint non-compliant installations that may lead to warranty issues during repairs or contribute to water ingress.

Completed Roof Audits

Our expertise extends to offering comprehensive roof inspection services. With in-depth knowledge of roofing standards, including AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3, and SA HB 39 2015, we provide unbiased and fair assessments of roofing work.

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Roof Replacement


At Roofing Response Australia, our seasoned team of roof plumbing experts excels in handling intricate roofing replacements. With meticulous coordination, we seamlessly manage the removal and reinstatement (or replacement, if needed) of wall cladding, solar panels, solar hot water systems, roof-mounted air conditioning units, and other roof-mounted objects. This integrated approach ensures a seamless repair solution, streamlining the entire process under one reliable entity.

Collaborating closely with engineers, certifiers, and bushfire consultants, we guarantee that the replacement roof meets compliance standards and is tailored to suit the evolving environment. Additionally, we offer a range of cost-effective upgrades where required, providing comprehensive solutions for all roofing needs.

New Roofing and & Renovations

Our team of expert roof plumbers collaborates with some of Brisbane’s most esteemed builders, specialising in high-end projects. With a profound knowledge of all roofing standards, complemented by experience in inspections and leak identification, we bring a problem-solving approach to the table. This allows us to create workable designs for even the most intricate projects, aligning with the desires of both clients and architects to deliver exceptional results.

Make Safes

With our round-the-clock, 24/7 response, we swiftly address storm damage to properties, minimizing the need for repeated visits. Leveraging our extensive experience in handling catastrophic events, we prioritize making the property safe. Our approach involves identifying and resolving the root cause of water ingress whenever possible. We opt for semi-permanent or permanent repairs, rather than temporary measures, even when dealing with roof tiles, ensuring long-lasting solutions for our clients.

Maintenance and repairs

Collaborating with real estates, strata managers, and homeowners, we offer comprehensive assistance for the regular maintenance requirements of residential, commercial, and industrial roofing. Our services cater to a wide range of roofing issues. Additionally, we provide detailed condition reports to empower stakeholders with valuable insights into the future maintenance needs of their properties, enabling them to make informed decisions and ensure the longevity of their roofs.

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